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Connections — Telecommunication in Kempsey, NSW

Tailored Phone Systems

Business efficiency and productivity can be hindered when you don’t have the right equipment, or your equipment no longer keeps up with your needs. As your business grows and changes, so should the means by which you stay in touch with your clients. The friendly and professional business consultants can help you find a phone system that is right for your business. Plus, with the option of paying off new hardware on your Telstra bill – you don’t have to worry about large upfront costs.

If your phone system is in need of review, contact Rebecca.

Mobile Voice & Data Solutions

Whether you’re a sole trader business of 1 or a large company with a fleet of staff, we can help you stay in touch with your staff and/or clients. As a Telstra Partner we offer a wide range of handset and plan options, including lease plans & plans where you BYO device. If you’re looking for a new iPad or tablet to help you keep productive on the move, we can help you there too, offering shared data between mobile and tablet devices to maximise your value. With the Telstra network, you’ll have coverage in more places and Australia’s fastest network on your side.

If your mobile phone or mobile data devices and plans are in need of review, contact Rebecca.

Technology — Telecommunication in Kempsey, NSW

Voice and Internet Solutions

If you’re setting up a new business we can help determine the right combination of plans and services available on the Telstra network to maximise your business productivity. As a Telstra Partner we can help you connect to the right network technology, be it NBN or ADSL, with the right plans for your business needs.

If your voice and internet solutions are in need of review, contact Rebecca.

Bill reviews

Plans and products are constantly changing in our industry. It’s our responsibility to keep up with the latest offers to bring the best solutions to our customers. We recommend reviewing your bills and usage every 6 months to make sure the plans you’ve selected for your services still meet your needs. It’s a highlight of our job finding a saving for our customer’s. After reviewing customer’s bills we’ve been able to identify savings of up to 60% of their telecommunications costs, just through new offers on the market. So don’t let your services sit idle. Make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

If your bills are in need of review, contact Tara.
Data connections

Data Cabling Solutions

As an office grows and work stations are moved around, cabling can become a nightmare and a hazard. Our experienced cabler can redesign your network, add data outlets and prevent tripping hazards. We can also work with you to design the cabling backbone for a new site. If you’re renovating or relocating, cover your bases from the beginning and make future changes easier and safer for your workplace.

If your cabling network is in need of a review, contact Neil.

Wifi Network Solutions for your home or Business

Is your home or business Wifi network not quite covering the distance you need in your premise? We can design a solution using Wifi repeaters discreetly mounted through your home or office so you can experience seamless Wi-Fi connectivity away from your primary router.

To discuss options for extending your Wifi network, contact Neil.


Long Range Wifi Solutions

Do you have a second office, garage or work site that is out of range of your Wifi network? We can provide long range Wifi extension solutions and mesh-networks so you can work where you need to instead of compromising your productivity.

To discuss options for long range Wifi networks, contact Neil.